Checking in

You guys, I meant to sit down and write last night about Abby’s graduation party on Sunday (we survived! We even had fun!) and then this evening I’ve been thinking about how I’d craft that post, and yet, here I am and I have no desire to actually do so.

Here’s what I want to write about today. The words, I tell you, they do what they want:


Today I stopped by my favorite coffee roasters for some decaf in my jar. I haven’t been in months because I realized that I could get cheaper, organic coffee in bulk from the grocery store. Then I realized there’s a reason that coffee is cheaper — it’s kind of terrible.

I have very few food pleasures in life (thanks, jerky stomach!), and good coffee is just … I need that. Cost be damned.

There was a new, older gentleman in the shop today. I tried to show him how to tare it on the scale, and he was totally excited about trying something new, but he couldn’t quite get the buttons right. So my jar was tared and filled, then emptied, then tared, then filled again, times two. It made me laugh — I want to be low maintenance, but if there’s ever going to be an issue, it’s going to be because of me. It’s just my lot in life.

Anyway, when it was all over and I gladly forked over my $21.24 for a pound and a half of delicious whole bean goodness (I’ll be back when my crappy caffeinated coffee is gone), I thanked him for being willing to fill my jar. I’ve never done that before! Thank you, he said, and he was so thrilled about it that I wanted to give him a hug.

If only everyone was as enthusiastic about my jars. (Looking at you, Mr. Plastic.)

New jars

I may be a minimalist, but I have a soft spot for jars — particularly those in sizes I do not already possess.

So imagine my joy when I found these cuties at The Store That Must Not Be Named:




To give you an idea of the size we’re talking about here.

They’re 1/2 cup-size, and I’ve used them to hold hummus and salad dressing. Johanna has used them to hold chocolate chips. They are adorable. The top lid is not dishwasher-safe, but I’m okay with that.

I found those beauties a couple of weeks ago; today I was visiting Abby at her place of employment and noticed half-gallon jars on sale:


We’re all about extremes today.

I haven’t unwrapped them yet, so yeah, look at the plastic … but using these jars will save plastic later. (And life is not perfect. I find a lot of my zero waste purchases are really just a choice between the lesser of two evils.) I already have six in my pantry and I use them for everything from storing flour to cut up carrots. Right now I have a jar filled with leftover punch from Abby’s party in the fridge. Having another six of this size is going to really expand my world. Not to mention that I ended up getting a discount just for giving birth to a kid who happens to work there. So instead of $12, which I thought was amazing, I paid $9.

I came this close to purchasing individual half-gallon jars at a craft store a couple of months ago for $5 each. So yeah, I’m kind of happy right now for a variety of reasons.


In February I went to our library’s eBook lending site and reserved six titles. And wouldn’t you know it, but four of the six all came up at the same time — about a week and a half ago. I read “A God In Ruins” first (oh, wait, I already mentioned that), then went in to “Dad is Fat” (well, sometimes you want to read and not think) and just finished “1984.” Literally, like an hour ago. I have no idea why I insist on reading classics; I have a terrible attitude when it comes to books everyone says are “great.” I did not enjoy it at all — it felt very heavy handed and it was, frankly, kind of boring. I was talking to the guys at work about it yesterday (we’re all English majors and therefore all posers) and they were all, I liked it, and I was like, um, now we can’t be friends because you guys have terrible taste in literature.

Anyway, whatever. I’ve never read it before, so now I can say I have. It’s probably good to read stuff you don’t like anyway, just to stretch the ol’ mind. (I’m trying to justify the wasted hours on that thing. How am I doing?)

Next up is “Paper Towns.” I’ve got my fingers crossed. I just need something entertaining after “1984.” Come on, John Green!

I don’t have a lot to say about eBooks and the library other than it’s pretty typical in my experience to have to wait months for a book I want to finally be available. I’m actually debating whether or not I want to just buy a couple of the books I still have on hold. I guess that depends on how bored I get.

Now: Distract me with what you’ve been up to. Minimalism, zero waste, books, parties, whatever. I’ll be back next week and we can talk about Abby’s party details.


8 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Love the new jars. Those would have been very tempting for me also, but just don’t need them.
    I can’t get into ebooks. I love going to the library and wandering around the books to choose what I want, not swiping on a tablet. Also, not sure if it is the reader that I have to use, but I never know how long a book is or where I am in the book, which drives me crazy. But like you, it seems whenever I put more than one book on hold, they come in at the same time. That’s a real challenge.


    • Trisha Walker says:

      My girls don’t get my attachment to my Kindle either. I have the Paperwhite, and I like it because it’s not a tablet. I’ve found page numbers — or the lack thereof — depends on the authors or the publishers. It used to drive me a bit nuts too, but I’ve gotten used to it (I made the Kindle switch in 2010).

      Hey though! One of the books I really wanted to read back in February came in yesterday! I’m glad I waited now instead of buying it.


  2. Linda M says:

    I, too, prefer a copy of the book in my hands….tried a Kindle…just wasn’t the same. With that said, I use the library regularly and even belong to a book discussio group at the library….and we get the book to borrow that we will be discussing. I own a few books that I trade around with friends…but those I get from used bookstores or thrift shops.
    I, too, have the little half-cup jars….mine are just shaped differently. They are in use all the time…spices, condiments, baking powder, dried herbs, etc. A friend even gave me one that she converted the lid into a cross-stitch and the jar is to be used for earrings or rings…so cute. But if I ever tire of it for that use, I can convert it just a plain ole jar again.
    Our garden is going strong. So, I have been busy using up or preserving the bounty. Sure tastes good to have the fresh things and the preserved food will be so good this winter.
    I am trying to continually declutter. Keeping a running log. But, also trying not to bring in new things to replace any spots I have decluttered.


    • Trisha Walker says:

      I’ve read that paper books are making a comeback over the Kindle, although in this household, the Kindle never took off (my girls simply refuse to use one and Eric has no interest either), and I see way more people reading books than devices. I like not having a physical copy of a book to deal with probably the most. And I like that the books all weigh the same on my device. 😉 My back has been happier!

      You know, I might actually have some half-cup jars already in another shape (my spice holders) … I didn’t even think of that, I just got excited by the shape.

      This is the best time of year — garden produce, putting things away for winter … that really rocks my world too.

      How long have you been decluttering? I promise it gets better!


  3. Roberta says:

    I love my big jars and I love my little jars. I even have a few giant one-gallon jars that used to hold pickles. I keep bulk oatmeal and flour and everything in them. My bitty half-cup ones are very popular as well, for dips and dressing in lunch bags.

    I didn’t like 1984, and I had to quit reading Brave New World because the sexism was so overwhelming. However, Fahrenheit 451 was amazing! My husband and I both enjoyed it, in an “I’m amazed how prescient this book was” sort of way.


    • Trisha Walker says:

      Thank you! You’re the first person who has agreed with me that 1984 is terrible! (Everyone has been acting like I’m missing something. I don’t think I am …) I did really like Animal Farm, though. I was surprised how much, actually.

      Never read Fahrenheit 451. I’ll have to add it to the list.


      • Roberta says:

        My son read Animal Farm for school recently, and my daughter will be reading it this coming year. I’ll put it on my list so I can discuss it with her. I haven’t read that since I was in school.


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