Happy birthday to me plus some updates or whatever

My birthday is tomorrow — I’ll be 45, you guys, which just astounds me (it wasn’t so long ago 25 seemed old) — and when I sketched out my loose plan for this week, I decided that what I really wanted was to enjoy my last days of 44 and my first days of 45, and not worry about my to-do list so much. So basically rock it old school and have a birthday week is what I’m saying.


Throw back to Abby’s 12th birthday, pre-minimalism from the looks of my kitchen.

I’ve got some awesome stuff planned: Reflexology on Monday, acupuncture on Friday, a girls’ night on Tuesday, and my little family party Wednesday. (It’s just occurred to me Thursday has been left out of the mix. Maybe coffee and reading on the deck after dinner?)

I’ve also got some NOT awesome stuff planned because I’m an adult and for some reason I’m in charge of things like laundry, plus I have a job where your mistakes are very public. (Wrote an article about a business closing, thought they sold, they’re just leasing, oops, there’s a phone call I need to make. Thank heavens everyone commenting on the story online is so forgiving! 😉 )

You know what’s fantastic about the 40s, incidentally? What you want becomes crystal clear, and you have the experiences and lessons behind you to make things happen. Or not, if you so choose. You’re through with the “searching” and the “finding” and you’re just going for it. It’s like I’ve lost that part of my brain with the filter — I am all in, or maybe all out.

I probably come off as unhinged half the time, but the good news is that I am, so whatever, let’s move on.


So once upon a time, like last Wednesday, Abby was at work and in need of snacks. I’d just picked Johanna up from my parents’ — she had a tennis camp all week and they were awesome about ferrying her to and fro — so we hit the store at around 5:30 p.m., which, incidentally, is a terrible time to go grocery shopping. (Um, because Everyone In The World is off work and at the store too.)


This stuff is like crack.

After wandering the aisles rather aimlessly, I finally decided on some all-natural fruit leather for Abs. All wrapped in plastic. Then I let Johanna get some barbecued-flavor Pop Chips because they were on sale and she has needs. I also picked up some eggs — cardboard — a chocolate bar — paper and foil, and slave-labor free and fair trade. It’s like I’d be ruining the world if I didn’t buy this chocolate. You’re welcome, world!

So we’re trying to find a checkout line that doesn’t have 58,000 people already in it. Johanna informed me we only had 8 items and could get into the express lane, which didn’t look very express, but we hop in. I get the guy who’s usually in customer service and tares my jars. So we’re talking about how it’s a little busy and suddenly he’s like, hey, are you the zero waste family? And I was like, um, yes? Although wow, look at this stuff, I’m not doing so well today. How ironic that he pointed out my zero waste tendencies on a day when I was not.

The end.

Oh, wait, no, Abby was very appreciative of her fruit leather, although she only got four because Johanna snitched the cherry-flavored one.

Now it’s the end.



Eating an authentic Oregon pioneer lunch of pizza with the works.

We went to a picnic on Saturday — Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers — and I packed plates, silverware and napkins for us to use even though paper and plastic equivalents were being furnished. I don’t mind paper, per se, because that’s technically biodegradable, except in a landfill nothing biodegrades because it’s not supposed to. And plastic will be around forever. So anyway, that’s why I brought our own tableware.

I got one comment: That’s really smart. Another new best friend to add to the pile. Also, Pro Tip, when you bring your own, you bypass the line for the plates et al and can head straight for the food. I mean, I can’t really eat at potlucks (thanks, jerky stomach!) but I was looking forward to the salad and cherries we’d brought. The girls weren’t complaining, either. Eric is more patient and waited for the older people to go through. Ah, well. It’s no secret he’s a better person than I am.

Really the end.


7 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me plus some updates or whatever

  1. Roberta says:

    I had my birthday this weekend — Happy birthday to you. I totally agree with you about the 40s being awesome! I (mostly) don’t care about what other people think anymore, and I no longer do things because someone else wants me to, or “everyone” thinks I should. (I’m still not ok with taking a picture of my shopping habits. My hat’s off to you for that.) If I had known how amazing being older is, I’d have skipped my 20s. Except for needing reading glasses. I’m not really into that. 🙂


    • Trisha Walker says:

      I can’t even see anything at this point without my glasses, which is a bummer. Johanna is used to me just passing her my phone or whatever I need her to read … ah, well.

      Hey, happy birthday to you too! I’ve always loved having a birthday in July.


  2. Linda M says:

    Happy Birthday! Any age and any day you wake up you are indeed celebrating being alive! With that said, getting older is very freeing. You realize that you are far from the only fish in the sea and people probably aren’t paying that much attention to you anyway….but if they are, have at it as it is my ride and you can come along my way or go your own way….I only get one go around.
    So glad to see you are enjoying time with the girls and that your parents are in the picture also…priceless! And maybe you did lighten up a little…now and then….but you are aware of it and it is just a treat….not an ongoing habit.
    You set a very good example at the picnic…and apparently you have set a good example at the supermarket. That is saying a lot. We can’t all say that….and none of us can say it all the time if we are honest.
    Wishing you the best year ever! Hugs!


    • Trisha Walker says:

      We are very, very lucky — Eric’s parents and brother and family live just down the road, and my parents are in town. We have lots of family around! I love that my girls have their grandparents nearby. They’re all very close.

      Oh, it was so embarrassing to get called out at the grocery store, although it was about 50-50 on terrible and awesome in my bag. OF COURSE that guy would notice on that day! LOL.

      Anyway, thank you! I’ll write about my birthday for Friday’s post — it was a great day.


  3. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday!! Born under the sign of Cancer, like me.

    Can you not either compost or recycle the paper and foil from your chocolate bar? We can in Prince Edward Island but apparently our teeny tiny province (pop. approximately 145,000) leads the rest of Canada in composting and recycling with the least amount of garbage output. Well, where can we put it? This is quite the accomplishment for a wee province that is occasionally left off maps not only of the world but also Canada!

    Oops – just realized I made this comment all about me 😦


    • Trisha Walker says:

      The chocolate bar was actually a good purchase — we can compost or recycle the paper and the tinfoil is also recyclable. Yay you guys for leading in composting and recycling — that’s truly awesome. Our town does okay, but we could do better. We’ve got some major environmentalists on the city council now, though, so hey, maybe things will change! They did institute the plastic bag ban …

      And I’m glad you’re sharing your experiences — I get tired of just talking about myself. 😉 I think it’s fascinating, what other people are able to do in their little space in the world.


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