Huh, who’d have thought my week wouldn’t have gone as planned?

So on Tuesday I was all, I’m totally taking this week off! And then I promptly went to a farm stand and bought raspberries and pickling cucumbers. And cherries are ripe, and our orchardist neighbors have been letting us pick. And then Abby brought home a kitten.

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.


How do you say no to raspberries?

The thing about canning and freezing and whatnot is that when the produce is ripe, you kind of have to go for it. It’s true that I didn’t have to visit that farm stand — that was poor planning on my part — but I was excited to find both raspberries and cukes because A) Raspberry jam is my favorite and 2) I didn’t make pickles last year and Eric has still not forgiven me for that. 😉

So I made a double batch of raspberry jam, and had plans to tackle the pickles next. Only I got sidetracked (I know, shocking!) by cherries. I dried a batch to see how that worked — I make a homemade granola bar every week and I thought that might be a fun addition — and then I canned six pints of whole cherries for my sweet little grandma, who’s 93 and totally into that kind of thing (and who hasn’t forgiven me for not making pickles last year, either). P.S. I called Grammie to tell her about the cherries, and she was so excited. “But don’t work too hard,” she cautioned. Oh, Grammie. It’s like we’ve never met.



Cherry jam was also on my list — that’s the cornerstone of my holiday gift giving (because no one makes cherry jam, so it’s weird enough to be considered exotic or, at the very least, sort of special).

Um, but then …

I missed a series of texts and then a phone call from Abby earlier this week, and when we finally caught up, she started telling me about how this kitten was found in the parking lot at work and he almost got run over and they needed to find him a home and his name is Bean and he’s a ginger cat and he’s her son. For obvious reasons, she called me, not her father. Duh.

So I’m like, well, if he’s your son, I guess we need to bring him home, and she’s like, oh good, because she’d already sent the kitten home with her boyfriend to catsit until she got off of work. That is faith.

And you guys … Bean is amazing. For one thing, I don’t have to bottle feed this one because he’s somewhere in the 6-8 week category. For another, he’s got the sweetest little face. He’s a little skittish, understandably (parking lot! Scary cars!), but he gets better every day. Today he was jumping up on the couch so he could rub noses with both of the girls. Everyone loves him, except maybe Pearl. Eric wasn’t so sure about this plan either at first, but he was outnumbered.


I love this little guy.

Anyway, though, typical Abby: Johanna was going to pick out a kitten and name it herself  once Abby left for college, but then Abby takes care of all that for her ahead of time.

Oh, and no, I have no idea why Abby thought “Bean” was a good name. We keep slipping and calling him Bear. Who we’d call Skilly. I don’t know, we’ve had a lot of cats lately. The fact that this one is also a boy makes me nervous — we haven’t had good luck with boys — but … Well, here we go again is what I’m saying.

I guess what I’m also saying is that, while I didn’t have a lot of chances to sit on the deck and read this week, as was my plan, I did have plenty of time to cuddle with a purring machine. I’ve missed that.

Oh, and pickles MUST BE MADE today. Tonight. That’s Eric’s and my big date. We really know how to party.

P.P.S. My birthday was the best day ever. Iced coffee, they sang to me at work (had lettuce in my teeth from lunch, whatever), had a relaxing dinner with Eric and the girls, and the fam made me some lovely cards with some lovely words. I was going to buy a new book for my Kindle to top it all off, but I couldn’t decide what to get. Anyone read Carve the Mark? I’m leaning towards it but haven’t yet committed.

Maybe I’ll get book time next week?


3 thoughts on “Huh, who’d have thought my week wouldn’t have gone as planned?

  1. Roberta says:

    Your life is full, so your birthday is full. The cherry jam sounds wonderful (I buy some annually from Bonne Maman), and your kitten sounds like a great surprise. I hope he works out, and lives a long, purry life with you.. (I have heard that if you get them fixed young they are less likely to have ugly bathroom habits.)


  2. Jenni says:

    That kitten is so adorable! My daughter also brought home a ginger cat from a shelter a few months ago and he is finally settling in properly. And happy belated birthday, I’m catching up on posts!


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