On the second day of December …


This isn’t the wish I originally had in mind for this day, back when I was planning this whole ordeal out. But then it occurred to me that acceptance is an important piece of the puzzle that is this entire month.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you chose it. Always work with it, not against it. — Ekhart Tolle

I think there are serious limits, Ekhart, to what we should accept, FYI, but I get your drift. And this is what I’ve been working on lately — to not only live in this moment, but to work with whatever it brings.

Because I need to accept myself, my life, and where I’m at — and to accept others in the exact same way — if I want to have any hope of getting through December gracefully.

I need to accept that I’m just not a holiday-spirit kind of person. That I count losses and am way to introspective at this time of year. That I look old and tired because I am old and tired. That my body is what it is. That life is changing way too quickly and I can’t go back to the way it was when the girls were little.

I can work with all that. I can allow those around me to be as spirited as they want. I can be grateful for the people I love. I can keep track of successes instead of failures. I can eat for my gut and make rest a priority. I can enjoy the time we have with Abby when she’s home on winter break and our family is complete again.

What do you need to accept this month? You can share in the comments, or just to yourself or in your journal.


7 thoughts on “On the second day of December …

  1. Diane says:

    I need to accept that not everyone is as rabid – er, passionate, about “zero
    waste” as I am. I need to learn to accept where they are in their journey and offer gentle encouragement rather than tying myself up in knots about it.

    A wise priest once told me, “You can’t beat someone into the kingdom of heaven” and, apparently, the same applies to the “zero waste” journey.


    • Trisha Walker says:

      Oh, that’s a good one. It’s an interesting lesson in detachment, too, I think, leading by example.

      I was getting tare on a couple of jars earlier this week — Eric’s annual birthday oatmeal cake — and the store manager made a comment that my cupboards must look really cool because of all the glass. Then she said she wants to be like me when she grows up and how’s she’s working through her stuff. I had no idea that my weekly tare extravaganza had made any sort of mark on her radar at all. So I am hoping this means that we have a bigger impact than we think we do, just by doing our zero waste thing. šŸ™‚


      • Linda M says:

        It can be really inspiring….or totally scary…to think how much our daily actions are having on every single person we encounter. Just a wake up reminder to be ourselves and be our best daily.

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  2. sarahn says:

    Till mid Jan I need to accept my parents home, and their quirks. From January, I will house sit, and they will be overseas, and I can change stuff (ie package up clutter into one room and shut the door). I’ll accept a big damp cloth instead of a sponge in the kitchen. I’ll accept the shaggy rubber backed bath foot towel, not a quick drying normal foot towel. I’ll accept not having compost or worm farm, knowing I’ll introduce those later…


  3. Linda M says:

    I need to accept that I will always need to struggle to be upbeat. I need to accept that I am an emotional being and the last two years have included deaths of three dear people but I am healing…but I can’t rush grieving let myself flow through the emotional healing. And I have came a long way. I need to accept that I need to be to be kind to myself. I need to accept that I can’t control what others do….just love them!
    As to my lower waste journey…lots of times I fail. But, I get back up and start over….that is the important part. Nothing is too small to make a difference!


    • Trisha Walker says:

      This is another hard one. It does take time to heal, and to be honest, I don’t know if anyone is ever completely healed after a loss.

      But yes, that’s all we can do — keep going. And I really do think that everything does make a difference.


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