December 10: Permission

“Sometimes we need permission to enjoy the good stuff even if other things in our lives or the world are stressful, hard, scary or otherwise crappy. Things can be stressful AND joyful, hard AND heart-warming, scary AND funny, crappy AND cozy. We get to enjoy the good in the midst of the not so good. We get to enjoy the good stuff anytime we want.”

— Courtney Carver 
Photo by Rudolpho Marquez,

This is just too real — it’s interesting, December, because it can be outwardly happy and inwardly miserable. And that’s what I took from this quote: That THAT is okay.

Things are great and things are terrible, and that’s just the way it is.

We can still enjoy the good stuff the month has to offer. I’m giving myself permission today to enjoy the holiday lights that have sprouted in windows downtown, to sit in my favorite coffee shop and just soak up the vibe there, and later to curl up in a blanket and read — preferably with Johanna and the kittens nearby. The crappy stresses can take the night off.

4 thoughts on “December 10: Permission

  1. Roberta says:

    This isn’t really on topic, but I wanted to pass along info on two great environmental companies I’ve been learning about lately: Plastic Bank and Carbon Engineering. Plastic Bank works in poor countries to pay people to collect plastic trash that would otherwise be washed into the ocean. They then sort and recycle the plastic, paying the people and banking the money so it can’t be stolen (which is apparently a big issue). Carbon Engineering pulls carbon out of the air, and instead of burying is (because capitalism) they then can transform is into fuel…endlessly. Both amazing, hopeful resources to make the world better!


  2. Jenni says:

    Roberta, that is amazing, thanks for such a great update!

    Trisha, yes to this! I am planning on getting take away tonight and watching a movie!


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