December 21: We don’t have to do it all

“I’ve been a victim of my own ambition and crumbled under the pressure to keep up with everything I’ve taken on.” 

— Christine, “Living with Margins” blog
First day of winter and longest night of the year … so I thought we could use some sunshine.

Self-inflicted victimhood is overrated. I don’t have to be a martyr this season. I don’t technically have to do anything (as we established HERE).

What can we delegate? What can we leave behind? What do we need to do to fill ourselves up this season? It’s like December is a competition that we’re bent on winning, come hell or high water.

I think I’d rather take a nap.

Several years ago, Eric took over purchasing presents for the girls; I just do stockings (which is way more fun). We don’t put up holiday lights — but we do like hopping in the car as a family to take in the lights around town. And there are a couple of holiday gatherings we attend every year because we enjoy them.

And that’s about it.

So this is just a reminder: We don’t have to do it all. We don’t have to crumble under the weight of our own expectations. Trisha says so, that’s why — okay?

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