Once upon a time …

… There was a Golden Retriever named Moose. He was visiting from San Francisco with his caregivers. They all happened into a local store where Abby was working. She saw him and immediately started swooning. Moose took all that attention in stride. Which is to say, he went to sleep.


“What a good boy!” Abby said, snapping a picture for her social media accounts.

“You want to watch him tomorrow while we go on a bike ride?” said Caregiver One, kind of joking.

“Hell yes,” said Abby, not joking.

So Moose came the next morning for a day with the Walkers while his caregivers went on a bike ride. He took a walk with Eric and found a Good Stick. He tried to chase kittens, but they all got wise after the first three seconds and disappeared. Johanna gave him plenty of pets. Abby gave him treats and love — and so did her friends, who came to visit so they could see him, too. Even Trisha, a solid cat person, was enchanted by this big floppy floofy Good Boy, who cuddled up next to her with a sigh and took a snooze. And that’s how Moose came to be an honorary Walker for a day.

The end.

6 thoughts on “Once upon a time …

  1. Diane says:

    What a wonderful story! I am a dog person, I admit, and Labs are a wonderful breed. My youngest and his gf become Lab parents (Black Lab) to “Boss” in February.

    Yes – the “good stick” thing. Boss will actually try to carry around a small tree limb. Well, he’s still a puppy and hasn’t figured out perspective yet.


  2. Roberta says:

    Goldens — and labs — are good boys. They are good for snoozling and pets and carrying big sticks.

    We accidentally ended up keeping Andi’s guide dog puppy after he failed out of guide dog school. He is such a good boy, we couldn’t give him up. There’s just something about the way they lie there on the floor…


  3. Linda says:

    Aaaah! I am a dog person…this stole my heart. Not only Moose, but the generosity of you all to keep him the day so his caregivers could bike. That, at a time when our country experienced such unkindness…just shows love still abides! A much needed story right now!!


    • Trisha Walker says:

      I think if you’re open to the experiences that are offered around you, life can be pretty awesome. And we had a fun day. 🙂 I am a cat person but I could easily fall in love with a Lab.

      Things really do suck right now. It’s a bit overwhelming. I’m glad this story helped in some way.


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