New year’s grand plan no. 1: Reading more books

Last year, I read 32 books in total. And, I mean, yay me, I guess.


Hello Kindle, love of my life.

But I’m disappointed in that number — because it reflects how much time I waste online instead of reading. And the fact that I am prone to slogging through books, no matter how much I dislike them. Which means I resist reading at all, so it takes forever to finish a title.

Um, and it also reflects the fact that I am a rather disorganized reader who relies too much on the eLibrary — the trend there is nothing nothing nothing for months, and then all six of my holds becoming available at once. Not an exaggeration.

Well, this year I have the goal of reading 60 books — that breaks down to five books a month. I don’t actually know if I can read 60 books this year (that might be too optimistic), but I’d like to see how close I can get, anyway.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

I am not going to read books I don’t like. As an English major (I know, gag), I was trained to read what was assigned. That carries over even now, in that if I start a book, I’m going to finish it, no matter how much I dislike it. Dude, I’ve read hundreds of books I don’t like. Well, no more. This year, I’m making a pact: If I don’t feel it in the first 50 pages, it’s time to find something else. Um, it will be hard to remember because the urge to slog through is strong. But that shit needs to stop.

I am going to be realistic about my eLibrary checkouts. I try to cheat the system by keeping my Kindle on airplane mode and then plowing through titles just to get through them … which I may or may not be able to do, given that books tend to come ready for checkout in clusters over the course of a week. If I know I won’t get to a title, I will check it back in for the next person, and then put myself back on the waiting list. Maybe I’ll have better luck in a few months when it comes ready again.

I am going to buy more eBooks. I kind of feel bad about feeding the Amazon machine, although to be fair, my girls and Eric prefer real books so we buy a lot of those, too, mostly from independent bookstores. Justification!

I am going to read Abby’s real books. I like my Kindle. No, I love my Kindle. I haven’t read a real book in years because I’d rather read on my device. Abby has a huge collection of books that I’ve never read, however. It’s time to utilize this resource.

I’m going to reread my favorites. I have a lot of favorites.

I am going to get into the habit of reaching for a book instead of my phone. This will be HARD. I’m trying to break my phone addiction anyway and this seems like one solution. The only potential issue will be that when I read, I like to read — like for at least a half hour, none of this reading in spurts stuff — so this is not my natural response to having a couple of minutes of downtime.

If I read the same title twice, I’m going to count it as two books. Is this cheating? Wait, who cares, these are my resolutions. Anyway, I like to read books twice because the first time, I’m too busy trying to figure out what’s going on to pay attention to all the finer details.

I’m tracking books in my journal. I do this to a certain extent anyway, but lately I’ve gotten out of the habit of reviewing what I read — and just a list of titles doesn’t help me on that front when I’m trying to write my year-end review. 😉

I’m sort of interested to see how January goes, actually, because by the end of this month, I’ll know how realistic my plan is. As of right now, I’ve finished two books and have started a third. But I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my goal, so …

P.S. If anyone wants to throw a title or two my way, feel free.

More reading on reading more (ha!): Austen Kleon, “How to read more books” (HERE).