Update: Three months into my ‘grand plans’

Huh, does anything else even exist aside from the Pandemic That Must Not Be Named (PTMNBN)? Answer: No. And yet, we try. It’s kind of hard to believe that we’re just starting the fourth month of the year — March was, like, five years on its own; 2020 might go down as the longest year in history.

Not that this matters, but my longest year EVER was 1992. Have no idea why. It just would not end.

To review: I started the year by working diligently on three fronts: To read more booksto declutter my reading retreat and to focus on healthy habits. I can’t say I’m working as diligently since PTMNBN hit, but I have made progress, even if it’s on accident. Well, I’ve had a lot on my mind. 😉


It’s a good thing I read so much in January and February because I did not read so much in March, but I managed to end this three-month period on schedule with 15 books. Make that 16 because yesterday I finished “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel (again) and was a good choice — her writing style is straightforward, which I appreciate. She’s telling a story, reminding us of what we have without being sentimental about it. Her new book, “The Glass Hotel,” is on my to-read list. (You can see what I’ve read so far this year by clicking the Books 2020 tab above.)


This is the one I’m most jacked about because not only did I CLEAN OUT MY ENTIRE READING RETREAT (hell yeah I’m yelling, this is exciting!), I did so just in time. I had no idea when I made the goal to thoroughly declutter this mess of a space in January that I would need it as a home office by mid-March. It’s such a lovely area that I forget there was ever a time that coming in here gave me a panic attack.

I am extremely proud of the work I put in here — I started literally with five or 10 minutes at a pop because anything more was an anxiety trigger. I made hard choices. I came to terms with how I actually live vs. dream Trisha, who had outdated hobbies and a book collection she never utilized. I have let go of so much. I feel a combination of relief that these items are finally gone and regret that I didn’t tackle this project sooner.

I’m also grateful. When I cleaned out my desk at work a little over a week ago, it was helpful knowing I had this space. I wasn’t unmoored. I was just … moving.

Here, I made you a slideshow!

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And my next project? The laundry room. It’s the last of my neglected spaces.


Remember how I gave up dessert for Lent? I made it about a week and caved; I was getting such terrible headaches and Jo was like, I just learned about this in health class, that’s addiction yo (paraphrasing) and I was like, I SUCK. And then I gave up eating between meals instead.

Well, I’ve got another week to go (weirdest Lent ever) and then it’s a free for all.

Since working from home / being furloughed / being terminated / being un-terminated / starting a new work-related volunteer gig 😉 I’ve gotten better about yoga in the mornings, drinking more water and taking breaks. I’m spending a lot of time with Johanna — we’ve gotten into a routine of watching movies in the evenings (“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is our favorite) or reading together or playing a game or just talking. We have also gotten into a dinner routine where we create something before Eric comes home from work — and now that I have an oven, we are making all the things she has missed: Oven fries, popovers, biscuits. But we also made a microwave fruit crisp that worked surprisingly well, and that kid makes the best homemade whipping cream I have ever tasted.

Oh, yeah, you read that right — I finally have an oven. It took three days and my saint of a husband had to retrofit the space and get super creative, but it’s in and it is lovely. I roasted a chicken yesterday just because I could.


Because we are in a pandemic and honestly, that’s stressful enough, I am continuing with my goals but I’m not beating myself if I miss a day (or four). I’m working on a lower bar and I am okay with that.

How are we all doing? I’m better — deadline is now one day a week, which will be more realistic, and I’m looking forward to cooking projects with Jo. We’ve joked that we’re going to watch “Fantastic Mr. Fox” every night for a week and then write a post about it, “I watched ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ every night for a week and this was the surprising result,” and the result is just one line that reads, “It was awesome.”

Well, we thought it was funny.