Five things

1. I’ve been fighting some sort of SOMETHING the past few days. Wednesday of last week, I was so dizzy I had to lay down on the bathroom floor. That didn’t help, and I wondered there for a hot second whether or not I was going to toss my cookies. (Non-Americans, that means “throw up.”) I did not. Add to that a scratchy throat and a headache that I could not shake. Since I still mostly work from home, my newspaper duties did not go unfinished (though I kind of wonder if the three stories I wrote even made sense). But I did take some naps.

2. Because of said illness, I missed both a camp reunion and my off-year class reunion (cause the class of ’90 got screwed in 2020 AND 2021). Eh, the class reunion, whatever, but I was sad about the camp reunion. My dear friend Shannon was going to meet me halfway and drive with me through Portland. I was like, I could do it but I don’t want to, and she was like, I will do whatever I can to support you. Even though it would have been out of her way by a lot. (I love you Shannon.) I feel like I need to point this out because that was so nice, and I knew I could count on her, and also because women supporting women — we need more of that.

3. Eric and I went to a friend’s 50th birthday surprise party at a local theater the Sunday before last and we all watched Empire Strikes Back on the big screen and it was just amazing. If you don’t count the parts where I was having panic attacks. (I hate enclosed spaces. I generally avoid movie theaters.) (That movie came out when I was 7 slash almost 8 and there are no words to adequately describe how handsome I thought Harrison Ford was.) (Eric is also tall and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Coincidence?) Also I got a mask with Baby Yoda on it that says “Too close to me you are,” which seems like an excellent choice for an introvert. P.S. I’m masking again. Getting sick for the first time in two years suuuuuuucked.

4. I am reading “Fairy Tale” by Stephen King and it is very good, as I knew it would be. (Not horror, maybe a little weird? But just great.) Next up will be The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik. I’ve waited all year for that one to come out. And then for some reason Eric decided he wanted to watch “Vikings” on Hulu — I’ve sort of watched a few episodes with him (he’s jacked cause there’s six seasons) and I not only have no idea what’s going on, I don’t like any of the characters. But will I continue to sort of watch it? Yes. Yes I will.

5. When I told Alexa to shuffle songs from my (very creatively named) playlist Trisha, Would? by Alice in Chains came up first. Oh hell yeah Alexa. (My not quite but almost boyfriend and I had tickets to see them my junior year of college, but his car wouldn’t start, and then we ended up borrowing a car but he got pulled over by a cop for passing on the right and there was no proof of insurance inside the vehicle and anyway we not only never ended up at the concert, he never advanced past “not quite.” Or maybe I never advanced, I suppose it’s all in how you look at it. The end.)