Playing catch up

I was scrolling through old posts recently and realized there are some loose ends I need to tie up. No time like the present, especially since I’m out of ideas. 😉 Actually, it’s more that my heart hurts because Abby leaves in less than two weeks and life is getting a little too real. And the headache I’m fighting doesn’t help, either.

Abby’s birthday!

Abby turned 18 at the end of July. Last year, I worked super hard to make sure she had a fairly zero waste birthday. This year I was mostly off the hook because her boyfriend planned a day of activities. Whew! But for dinner, I did roll in with her requested Texas sheet cake and a corn, tomato and avocado salad, and Eric made her favorite cheesesteak sandwiches. Add some potatoes, invite some grandparents, and BOOM. Party.

I didn’t worry so much this year about being totally zero waste. I decided minimal waste was good enough. It was actually kind of relaxing to give myself permission to use regular powdered sugar for the icing. Oh, and we’re still using up dinner rolls from Abby’s grad party. That has been the gift that’s kept on giving. P.S. Anyone need ham? Still have that too.

The boys!

Monday was a tough day for Bean and Goose — they got neutered. I mean, it had to happen, but wow, I felt sorry for the little guys. Also, the deal was supposed to be that they’d both get neutered for free if we fostered Goose. Instead, we got a panicked text from Abby on Sunday telling us the boys had to go in Monday and they were asking for a $40 donation per cat.

On one hand, we feel like we’re getting a heck of a deal (and we are). And it’s not like we can’t afford the $80. On the other hand, we’re wondering A) what’s the rush?, and 2) why not just tell us about the expected donation ahead of time?

Anyway, all that is just to say that we’ve found Goosey his forever home — ours. He’s officially a Walker. He doesn’t say it, but I’m pretty sure he’s just as happy with this development as the girls and I are. And Bean is pumped. Eric is simply in acceptance about the fact that he is outnumbered, and Pearl is kind of pissed, actually, but she’s getting slightly more tolerant each day — like maybe .005 percent. It will add up eventually.

So that worked out well is what I’m saying.

My minimal closet!

I added a couple pieces to my minimalist wardrobe, but I have no idea how many that makes because I’ve decided not to count anymore.

Although maybe it’s a wash; I replaced both my black and beige capris, putting my old ones into the donation pile. True story, my new “capris” are really just regular people pants. This is when being 6-feet tall is kind of awesome. Well, because I can reach stuff on the top shelf, that’s my community service, obvs, but also because it makes a good story. Well, the office staff appreciated it, anyway, but that may be because they’re all under 5’5″.

My good reusables are still bad!

I haven’t managed to replace my un-sudsy soap pump yet, nor have I tackled adding a new layer and sew on snaps to my cloth menstrual pads. And I had big plans of making more cloth bags this summer out of Eric’s old t-shirts that never panned out either.

I don’t know. I’m better at the planning then I am at the execution. Maybe this winter.


8 thoughts on “Playing catch up

  1. Chris N says:

    I’m glad you decided to keep both kitties too. They belong together:)
    Wow, 6 ft is tall. I’d like to be taller but I’ve actually lost an inch after a back injury:(


    • Trisha Walker says:

      They do belong together! They love each other so much!

      I always wanted to be 5’11” — that doesn’t sound quite so tall — but alas, it was not meant to be. I assume I’ll lose a few inches as I get older. Being tall is overrated, incidentally — I’m always bumping my knees on my desk, counters are never high enough and bending down all the time hurts, clothing doesn’t fit right, and Lord help you if you’d rather read than play basketball (everyone just assumes you’re an athlete). But, I mean, there’s awesome parts too … like I always have a good view no matter where I stand. 😉

      Sorry to hear about the back injury — not fun. Eric struggles with back pain, and it’s just … hard. I hope you’re at a good point with that.


  2. Roberta says:

    I like your comment that being tall is a community service! I’m not 6 ft, but I do get asked at stores to get things off the top shelf!

    You’ll likely have more time this winter to work on things, when you don’t have the lure of outside to distract you. Or you could find a new soap pump at a thrift store when you go visit Abby.


    • Trisha Walker says:

      That’s my big intro line when I ask if someone needs my help — I don’t want to scare anyone by my sudden appearance. 🙂

      I hope that’s true — I tend to get distracted regardless of the weather (it’s a gift, LOL). I actually am thinking I need to make a list of the projects I’d like to get done (I love lists!) and that might help me plan my time better.


  3. Becky F says:

    I have to say that I saw the “keeping both kitties” coming a mile away, lol 🙂
    Also, I’m 5’0″ and totally appreciate when tall people like yourself help me get things off the top shelf!


    • Trisha Walker says:

      I think the only person who is shocked at the outcome is Eric. 😉

      Sometimes people will come find me, but a lot of the time, if I see someone struggling, I’ll just ask if I can help. I’m not athletic at all, so this way I feel like I’m putting my height to good use in some aspect, at least. My problem is the reverse — I hate trying to see what’s on the bottom shelves (too much bending!).


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